JIMMY HOTEL / by Phu Nguyen

Appointment 2018
Client Stonimex JSC
Completion 2019
Capacity 75 rooms, 9 floors

Jimmy Hotel is a boutique hotel in Cau Giay, Hanoi with the capacity of 75 rooms. The owner commission D1 to create a unique design that helps the project stand out via compelling signature and meaningful story.

D1 proposes the design of Jimmy Hotel to resemble a bird nest, where guest immerse in an organic space surrounded build sounds of nature like birds singing, rain drops, and feel the change in the day over time.

The design of the ground floor takes inspiration from numerous traditional craft villages in Hanoi. Reception hall also acts as main exhibition area whose artworks entice visitors upon entering.

When completed in 2019, Jimmy Hotel shall help people realize the important relationship between people and nature: more than a short-stay place, the hotel is the medium brings nature and people closer together.


Hanoi, Vietnam