FAR HOMESTAY / by Phu Nguyen

Appointment 2017
Client Private Owner
Completion 2018
Area 177 sqm

Owner of the project is a young couple who seek to build a new home where they can both stay and do a small homestay business at the same time.  

The land plot is at a prime location less than 200 meters from the beach and is surrounded by peaceful, undeveloped wilderness.

The solution D1 propose satisfies the design brief while best utilize all available factors surrounding the landscape while maintaining privacy for people inside the house.

In order to save cost and create beautiful aesthetic generated by the structure, we use wood texture and wood flooring for the inside while aiming for rough rock-wall only at needed spaces. Multiple traditional materials are also used in this work, such as stone, natural wood, grindstone, abrasive bath, bamboo wall, etc.

The use of local materials and local craftsmen allow for meaningful soul infusion into the project.


Hoi An, Quang Nam, Vietnam