Appointment 2017
Client Private Owner
Status Under Construction
Area 720 sqm

The restaurant is located inside a high-end apartment projects surrounded by low-rise buildings in the strategic area in District 2 with panoramic view of Binh Quoi peninsula across the Saigon River. The challenge is to best utilize the surrounding landscape while keep the natural structure of the land in tact.

D1 proposes that the project is to be designed as a series of organic cubicles that, from a far distance, imposes as a living organ breathing next to the river bank. The boundary between the building and the landscape is blurred, making the scenery of this land a beautiful cohesion while still allow for easy dismantling.

The main structure of the project is made of assembled wood, completely free of concrete for the floating part, reducing negative impacts on the environment. The inner structure and interior acts as a spine of a living creature in motion.


HCMC, Vietnam


TUONG TAILOR by Phu Nguyen

Appointment 2017
Client Tuong Tailor
Completion 2017
Area 230 sqm

Tuong Tailor is a well-known local tailoring brand in Hoi An whose store is located next to the Old Quarter of the Ancient Town.

D1 was commissioned to revamp the old shop into a new, contemporary store whose functions mainly act as a showroom and a tailoring office simultaneously. Due to being inside the Ancient Town, governmental regulations on construction like finished materials, wall color, to finished ceiling materials, etc must be strictly followed. Additionally, new ideas have to design while keeping available structural framework and taking advantage of what were available for budget minimization.

The proposed solution was using local material, such as wood, stone, etc. especially the traditional wall painting method on top of available lime. The idea for the ceiling is many small wooden sticks knit together and curved as silk, weaving and connecting all small spaces on ground floor. Upon visit, customers is welcome with a large roof over the sidewalk acting visual stop for visitors. When stepping inside immediately presented with best items categorized for ease of selection while being immersed in a graceful shopping atmosphere.


Hoi An, Vietnam



Appointment 2018
Client Rin Wedding
Completion 2018
Area 78 sqm

The flagship location of Danang-bsed Rin Wedding in Saigon is about a 6-meter wide, 13-meter long building located on the busy wedding-costume Ho Van Hue street in Saigon.

D1 proposes a design that is inspired by feminine curves with the façade of the building bearing the shape of a  wedding dress while having a built-in air mattress to reduce direct sunlight exposure to the usable space inside. On the inside, the ceiling and the wall are curved softly, effectively canceling the rough effect of beams. White color, neutral material, combined with effective lightning places the dress at the center of prominent, scared attention.

Compartments on ground floors are arranged to create the comfort for a private communication and transaction while allowing for warm human connection among the customers.

The main showroom is spaciously located on the ground floor. Makeup and change room act as a buffer space descending vertically top down before approaching the exhibition space.

The ceiling is designed as a 3-dimensional star dome effect, allowing the bride to feel like standing under a starry sky when trying wedding dresses.

Ventilation wise, transparent polycarbonate sheets are stacked like maniples. Thus, airflow can be flushed in and out, reducing the cost of using air conditioning in the building. Furthermore, each sheet can be tilted, allowing the façade to morph and yielding a sense of motion when viewing the building from a distance.

Rin Wedding Studio makes a positive difference and creates visual appeal, contributing to the hustle and bustle of Saigon.


HCMC, Vietnam