M VILLA by Phu Nguyen

Appointment 2018
Client Private Owner
Completion 2019
Capacity 117 m2

This duplex villa is situated on a 600-m2 land plot adjacent to the Hoi An River in Quang Nam Province, Vietnam. The surrounding context is still wild and under-developed, with lots of nipas being the signature tree of the area.

The challenge of this project is to effectively exploit the surrounding landscape and inject soul into the project via the use of local materials. Moreover, the project has to be able to endure the harsh climate in Hoi An, with a long rainy season and a very cold winter. Even worse, this location witnesses frequent storms and floods every year.

D1 proposes the idea of using a large coconut leaf roof covering the function. From a distance, the villa looks like a large tent. Living areas are positioned on the exterior while the interior space inside is reserved for resting. At the same time, both spaces are seamlessly connected to the surrounding nature. To effectively take advantage of the beautiful surrounding landscape, the design minimizes walls to the max in order to maximize wide angle. All functions are arranged vertically, leaving the ground floor open, flexible, and easy to move in case water level rises during heavy rainy season.

Local materials and skilled craftsmanship are greatly employed. This helps create a harmonically integration between the project and its surrounding scenes and landscape. More importantly, this allows for the preservation and promotion of traditional crafting villages amid today’s mass production age in Vietnam.

6. take advantage of local strong point.jpg


Hoi An, Vietnam



Appointment 2017
Client Thien Phu Company
Completion 2018
Capacity 60 Rooms

Hoi An Trails Resort & Spa is a premier high-end boutique resort located in Hoi An Ancient Town in central Vietnam with a vastly open views of iconic rice fields and signature 100-year-old Frangipani trees at the center of guest experience.

D1 was tasked by the owner to execute a major transformation of the villa wing. The goal is to revitalize the spirit of the then old area via infusing contemporary style, upgraded interiors and modern process while staying true to the original spirit of the resort.

Our solution was to overhaul the ceiling entirely with idea inspired from unique curvature of Hoi An ancient house; guest rooms was remodeled and readjust with outside private bathroom added to allow a sense of bathing amid nature; old concrete partition between rooms were replaced with a bamboo wall cover by native plants; backyard was gracefully re-approached with landscape comprised of tropical flowers and plants uniquely found in Hoi An.

Hoi An Trails & Spa remains as one of the top high-end destination with character for tourists when visiting the Ancient Town.


Hoi An, Vietnam


JIMMY HOTEL by Phu Nguyen

Appointment 2018
Client Stonimex JSC
Completion 2019
Capacity 75 rooms, 9 floors

Jimmy Hotel is a boutique hotel in Cau Giay, Hanoi with the capacity of 75 rooms. The owner commission D1 to create a unique design that helps the project stand out via compelling signature and meaningful story.

D1 proposes the design of Jimmy Hotel to resemble a bird nest, where guest immerse in an organic space surrounded build sounds of nature like birds singing, rain drops, and feel the change in the day over time.

The design of the ground floor takes inspiration from numerous traditional craft villages in Hanoi. Reception hall also acts as main exhibition area whose artworks entice visitors upon entering.

When completed in 2019, Jimmy Hotel shall help people realize the important relationship between people and nature: more than a short-stay place, the hotel is the medium brings nature and people closer together.


Hanoi, Vietnam


FAR HOMESTAY by Phu Nguyen

Appointment 2017
Client Private Owner
Completion 2018
Area 177 sqm

Owner of the project is a young couple who seek to build a new home where they can both stay and do a small homestay business at the same time.  

The land plot is at a prime location less than 200 meters from the beach and is surrounded by peaceful, undeveloped wilderness.

The solution D1 propose satisfies the design brief while best utilize all available factors surrounding the landscape while maintaining privacy for people inside the house.

In order to save cost and create beautiful aesthetic generated by the structure, we use wood texture and wood flooring for the inside while aiming for rough rock-wall only at needed spaces. Multiple traditional materials are also used in this work, such as stone, natural wood, grindstone, abrasive bath, bamboo wall, etc.

The use of local materials and local craftsmen allow for meaningful soul infusion into the project.


Hoi An, Quang Nam, Vietnam