The house is designed based on the needs of an studio for exhibition, wedding dress, makeup and work space of the photographer. The status of the land is in the low-rise residential area, and surrounded by the “blockhouse”. The way to the house is a narrow alley, of which fairly modest width only about 2.5 meters. The owner of this house was one young couple, they aspire a peaceful place for settlement after hours of hard work, and also a professional workspace after years of accumulation. The problem is still limited funding for this project. Because the demand in combination with working space on a plot of land only 75m2 but private space is still guaranteed. We hope that when the couple are in this space, they won’t feel like in a cramped house. They would feel like being in a garden house, listening to the birds singing every morning, seeing sunshine through the window rails, and winding through each space. Those are the requirements that we have to meet when design this house, so we divide each floor for its own function. The first and second floor will be the workspace combined with exhibition the wedding dress. The third floor will be a gathering space for the whole family, and at the end, the connecting stairs from the 2nd to the 3rd floor will be arranged outside, in the front garden. While designing this house, we thought so much about the kids, how they are, how they play, their childhood memories when they grow up in this house. That’s what we aim for when we doing this project. We always take consideration of who will be the real user of this house.