District1architects is now D1 architectural studio by Phu Nguyen


Ho Chi Minh City, June 03rd, 2019 - - Saigon-based D1 architectural studio, formerly known as District1Architects, today unveiled its new visual identity, signifying its expansive growth and re-affirming its ongoing commitment on crafting unique creations that help make cities gracefully characterful.

The new visual identities will be used officially starting from June 03rd, 2019.

More succinct and memorable than its predecessor, the new company name, D1, stands for District 1, Ho Chi Minh City; which is the cradle of Vietnamese Modernist Architect movement and happens to the inspiration of the firm’s spirit.

In addition, the new logo comes with custom shapes and lines, the influence of which we took from the symbolic Independence Palace architecture.

Meanwhile, the new website (d1arch.com) seeks to enhance D1’s online presence with the creative flair that is visible from early sketches to finished touches. The homepage carries the minimalist style, along with a focus on content and ease for exploration.

Founder and CEO Tan Nguyen said: “Crafting characterful cities is at the heart of D1 since the beginning. Vietnam has witnessed remarkable growth and people nowadays realize more than ever the important role of design, heritage, and sustainability in their working and living environments. Thus, via this time rebranding, myself and team at D1 seek to continuously improve in order to join hands with our clients crafting a better future via uniquely meaningful creations.

Since 2017, D1’s portfolio has witnessed major growth. The firm now covers various types of projects, including hotels, resort, residential apartments and retail,  with clients from all major cities of Hanoi, Danang and Ho Chi Minh City in Vietnam.

Some of the firm’s notable clients include Hoi An Trails Resort & Spa, Toong coworking space, CapitaLand, Thanh Yen Corporation.

About D1 architectural studio

D1 is a Vietnam-based studio for architecture and interiors design founded in 2017 by Architect Tan Nguyen. The firm has a reputation for fusing unique grace to buildings via innovative use of local materials and artisans. The result is a soulful project with a contemporary approach to the redesign of what make cities gracefully characterful.

Our approach enables local specialists and craftsmen to create architecture and inferiors, using locally produced materials and delicate charm-inducing touches.

For media enquiries, please contact:

E: media@d1arch.com