The house was designed based on the needs in combination between accommodation and homestay business of a young couple. The plot is located on a prime location , which is less than 200 meters from the beach, and the surrounding area is still wild and peaceful. The idea is how to exploit all the factors surrounding landscape while maintaining privacy for people inside the house. In addition, one more difficult problem is the building fees that is funding sources of investment for this project is quite low, but the floor area which is need to built is quite large. From the advantages of the landscape and the difficulty of funding sources, we offer solutions to restrict the construction of walls and decorations. Raw part is conceived as in advanced, only areas that really need to be walled up are we building new walls, the rest we use glass walls combined curtain, the cost for the wall of glass quite economical compared with one brick wall and painting. In addition, we restrict the part of concrete, because the concrete is quite expensive, the cost of 1m2 of board wood flooring structure and the traditional part is more economical than 1m2 of the concrete floor after completion. In order to save money and create beautiful aesthetic generated by the structure, we use wood texture and wood flooring. Several traditional materials are also used in this work, such as grindstone, natural wood, grindstone, abrasive bath, bamboo wall. We want to create a soul in this project through the hands of craftsmen village, they are the local people and contributing a lot to the construction of this project. That is how we have been creating.