About Us

D1 is a Vietnam-based studio for architecture design founded in 2017 by Architect Tan Nguyen. The firm has a reputation for fusing unique grace to buildings via innovative use of local materials and artisans. The result is a soulful project with a contemporary approach to the redesign of what make cities gracefully characterful.


Our Approach

We believe that a livable city is made of responsibly-designed buildings. And to build responsibly requires all related stakeholders -- from investors to architects to constructors -- to approach design of a project holistically from a large vantage point right at the beginning.

Every of our project starts with fresh idea, resulting in a solution that is uniquely tailored to the site, its context and its users. Our small, close-knit team under the direct supervision of Architect Tan Nguyen allows us to see a project from beginning to completion, ensuring continuous monitoring and working closely with the client throughout.